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I don’t know about you, but I find the story of the Fall pretty shocking. God creates the heavens and the earth and all that fill them, then He makes Adam and Eve, and then Eve eats the Forbidden Fruit and they are cast out of the Garden of Eden. And I’ve always been so confused, because the narrative doesn’t’ give a time span. Just this morning, I was thinking about the strangeness of how quickly Eve betrayed the command of the God she so loved when God revealed a new thought to me.

We don’t know the time span of the creation story. We don’t know how many months or years or millennia passed between Eve’s first breath and her first betrayal, but I would venture to guess it had been many. Her perfect life—literally—had probably given way to some curiosity about this command to not eat the fruit. We can assume that God had not explained further to her the purpose of His restrictive command because when the snake came to tempt her, she couldn’t recognize his lies for what they were.

And Eve was curious.

Sometimes, in our long devotion to our Father God, we begin to feel curious about the things He has said to us. We start to wonder after their validity or purpose or fairness. Because as in any long-term, committed relationship, we sometimes confuse steadiness for inactivity. And if we are right to assume that curiosity was what brought Eve to the trunk of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil before the birth of sin, we can assume that this wonder and curiosity and search for answers was not a sin. The problem was where Eve—and then shortly after, Adam—directed their questions.

I want to say something honest that I believe many of us long-haul believers find too ugly to express: sometimes, I am unsure about what God is saying or doing. Sometimes I feel curious about convictions that He has laid on my life but not others’. Sometimes, I wonder if He was fair when He commissioned me.

This isn’t a new thing.

I believe God didn’t divulge more information about why the fruit was forbidden not to keep Adam and Eve in the dark, but as a way to keep the conversation open to more question resulting in deeper intimacy with His two first kids. I believe God doesn’t tell all immediately because He delights in our wonder, experiences joy when we come to Him with big questions because these doubts mean our minds are truly fixed on Him and His word in our lives.

How differently would the story have ended had Eve come to God and asked Him about the tree? What kind of world would we live in had Adam not taken the word of his wife or of the snake when he had a burning question, but had instead laid down his curiosity at the feet of his Creator?

God delights in sharing His secrets with His kids (Eph. 1:9). It is time we bring our doubts to the pinnacle of all wisdom and truth rather than searching for answers in a world that doesn’t have them.

It is good to be curious, to seek answers. We should never stop searching, but we should begin looking in the right place.



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