Photo by Kylie Morgan

I am Logan Randall...

...and this is everything you need to know.

I am young and passionate and unafraid of the F word. I like rock-n’-roll music and I could talk about Jesus Christ until the moon turns red. I drink gin and smoke cigars and wear pretty little skirts and clean the house for my hard working husband because I don’t think a person should have to pick a category and be that. I am a professional hairstylist, a hopeless dreamer, and a Stephen King fanatic. I identify as a romantic and a feminist and a Christian and a wild thing. This is my blog and here, I will not attempt to fit into any box. As a matter of fact, my primary goal is to bust open all the millions of boxes we have to choose from, dump the contents on the floor, hold it all up into the sunlight, and tell you what I decide so hopefully, you can discover new and wonderful options you didn’t know existed.

I choose to live in the middle. You can find me between the lines, between the times, and between the characters. It is from this grey in-between that I invite you to follow along. It is called The Tension and it is where I live.

Do come in.